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It’s all about….YOU!!

March 13 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

How many demands do you have on you right now? I’d guess that for most of us, it is many – and from all different areas of our lives: family, work, health, friends, finances. Ones from the past that you have to tidy up and get out the door. Ones from the present that are right in your face and urgent. Ones from the future about where your life is going, preparing for what may come.

The pressures of life seem ever increasing. If we are not careful, we get stretched in all directions, and we lose ourselves, our sense of what matters to us, in the process. We all have our own agendas in life – what we want, what we need, where we want to go and what we need from others to help us do this. This is natural and understandable.

It is great to involve ourselves in other people’s plans and support them with their needs and dreams. But what happens when everyone else’s needs get met, but yours don’t? What happens when your agenda goes out the window? It might be OK for a short while, but if it happens chronically, you can start to believe the subconscious message that you are not worth it and that other people’s needs are more important than your own.

So, why do we allow our agendas to be blown about in the wind of life and drowned out in the noise of the world?

We get distracted

If we don’t have a clear vision for our future – for where our life could go and how we could make it happen – we can be too easily distracted when other things happen in life. It is important to identify what your goals are and why they are important to you. Then, if things come along that might prevent you from concentrating on your goals and your agenda, you won’t be so easily taken away from them. What is distracting you from prioritising your agenda? How will you feel in a year’s time if you don’t change what you are doing?

We feel guilty

Sometimes we have grown up being told that other people’s needs are more important than our own, and that we should sacrifice our own needs until everyone else has theirs fulfilled. This is not true. But this belief can make us feel guilty if we prioritise our own agenda over someone else’s, and it can sabotage our lives. Our needs and dreams are just as important as those of the people around us. Why are you making yourself smaller than another? Is that guilt appropriate or constructive? The answer is probably no. Let it go.

We are afraid

Often, we let our priorities get buried because, deep down, we are afraid. We are fearful that perhaps if we allowed ourselves the time and space to work on our dreams and achieve our goals, maybe we would mess them up, or we wouldn’t achieve them, or we would have to accept a new reality of our identity. Maybe we are afraid that we might shine? If we are not comfortable with our own self-worth, this can be really terrifying, so we put our priorities last. But, in reality, it is more frightening to one day wake up and realise you never gave yourself a chance.


March 13
8:00 am - 5:00 pm