Contrary to what it seems, yoga isn’t just a form of physical exercise. Yes, it is a fantastic way to stay in shape, but more than that, it is a way to escape the restrictions of the mind and the limitations we put on ourselves. Yoga can teach us to nurture our innate inner calm, and live our days with a sense of serenity over everything we do and experience.

It’s important to remember that yoga isn’t goal oriented. It is a deeply personal practice that requires you to stay in the present moment, feeling each movement, and only going as far as feels good. It doesn’t matter if you can’t quite touch your toes or if you can’t do the yoga poses in their fullest expressions. The point is to try to do what you can, and keep practising. Everyone has to start somewhere!

I was introduced to yoga at primary school and, whilst I’ve played with many fitness fads and watched them come and go, yoga has remained a constant in my life. Having trained with Yoga Campus, I set up LIM after having spent over 20 years as a teacher, swopping the classroom for the mat. LIM, which stands for ‘Less is More’ was born out of my passion for yoga and my aim to share the benefits and wisdom of this beautiful practice with the wider community.

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