What a beautiful start to the month of May with glorious Spring sunshine and balmy breezes. Ah, all is well with the world. Until I had to deal with someone whom I find really difficult, someone who knows exactly which buttons to press to send my blood pressure soaring. I’m sure you’ve all got one of these people in your lives (if not, lucky you!!)

This is when I have to use all the yoga tools in my tool kit to try to view this person in a different light. And to manage my response to them. Time for the big guns….metta meditation. The original name of this practice is metta bhavana, which comes from the Pali language. Metta means ‘love’ (in a non-romantic sense), friendliness, or kindness: hence ‘loving-kindness’ for short. This beautiful mediation is challenging in that we are called upon to think of those people who challenge us in a benevolent way, offering them kindness instead of our usual frustration and anger. I’m working on it!!