When I worked as a teacher, I always felt that I had two bites at the New Year’s Resolutions cherry; January 1st and September 1st. The start of a new academic year always gave me a frisson of secret excitement. Even as a child, I would look forward to shiny new shoes, freshly sharpened pencils and exercise books with crisp blank pages, ready to be filled.


Today, I may have swopped pencils for iPads, exercise books for Word and the classroom for a yoga mat, but,I still experience that same sense of anticipation. Whilst it’s wonderful to completely break with routine over the summer, enjoying lie ins, lazy lunches and late nights, there’s something rather comforting to return to normality ….. whatever that means to you!


But, it’s also an opportunity to establish new routines, resolving to make small changes in order to reap maximum rewards. Recently, I’ve been working with Melissa Hogg, aka’ The Natural Facialist’. Melissa is a holistic skin coach and natural facialist. She works both online, helping people with skin problems to achieve clear, healthy skin from the inside and also in person, offering natural facials. She has written a guest blog for us on creating (and maintaining!) good habits which I’m delighted to share with you.


Rather than viewing the end of summer with a heavy heart, look forward to autumn with a positive outlook and resolve to treat September as your second New Year. Let’s make September the new January!