I went to California over Christmas and was lucky enough to attend some beautiful classes at Vallejo Yoga; a warm and welcoming space in the small town we were staying in. I ended last week at a wonderful, candle lit, restorative class and, something the teacher said made me ponder. As she invited us to set an intention, (sankalpa in yoga-speak) she shared her own with us; ‘Enter as you wish to exit’.


Many of us set resolutions at the start of the year but, the sad fact is that most of us will have broken them by the start of February. So, when a student yesterday said that, instead focussing on the deprivation of Dry January or setting impossible goals for 2018, we should embrace the idea of ‘Gentle January‘.


Enter the new year as you wish to exit; gently and calmly, where kindness is paramount and that extends to you as well as offering it to others. Yoga can offer you that space to take time out from a in increasingly busy and noisy world. Your mat can be an oasis while the maelstrom of life whirls around you. So, as we leave 2017 behind, consider how do you wish to enter 2018.

See you on the mat (now, that’s a resolution worth keeping!)