Crossing the Rainbow with Liz Larke

The rainbow is an ongoing theme, weaving in chakra, kosha, and tools of yoga, to create a dancelike, accessible, yoga arts practice. Visual images will support the practices.


Christmas Chill Out Workshop

Dr Peter Centre Baden Powell Way, Romsey, Hampshire

Is the thought of Christmas stressing you out already? Don't get your tinsel in a tangle!! Come along on Sunday 12th December, 9.30 -11.00am for a pre-Christmas chill out. Expect a slow flow class, followed by a guided relaxation to leave you feeling ready to face the festive season. And, there will be some tasty... Read more »


New Year’s Flow

Happy New Year! How about starting off 2022 with a gentle flowing practice? See you on 2nd January to start as we mean to carry on....on the mat!


It’s all about….YOU!!

How many demands do you have on you right now? I’d guess that for most of us, it is many – and from all different areas of our lives: family, work, health, friends, finances. Ones from the past that you have to tidy up and get out the door. Ones from the present that are... Read more »

I’m dreaming of a (insert your ideas here) Christmas

The festive period is upon us and if you are wondering where on earth 2022 went, you are not alone. At this time of year, we are exposed to so much “perfection” – images of joy and togetherness, stereotypes of what Christmas “should” look like, what you “should” do during this time – that there... Read more »