Month: July 2023

Back to nature

We’ve seen a lot of chat about the end of WFH recently. Big firms and corporates are calling staff back to the office five days a week left, right and centre, and certain billionaires who will remain nameless have gone so far as to call it morally dubious and suggest people ‘get off their high-horse’.

Well…chuck us on a unicorn riding through the clouds because I think that’s nonsense!

Working flexibly isn’t just about those not-showering-until-3pm-wearing-partner’s-jumper-of-dubious-cleanliness-standards-all-day-might-be-Tuesday’s-spaghetti-on-the-front-ah-well kinda vibes. It’s actually about mental flexibility too.

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms, whether you’re developing a strategy, designing a new concept or just thinking up some copy to write in a Friday newsletter that’s already late to go out and you’re sitting in bed trying to come up with ideas. And, more often than not, it’s not sitting under harsh fluorescent light in a large, open yet crowded space in the city that’ll help the process.

Where’s one of the best places to free your mind and boost your creative / strategic thinking? Well, it’s nature. Studies have shown that exposure to nature is associated with improved attention, capacity to switch from one task to another, memory and focus skills, and can boost creative problem solving by up to 50%. There’s a reason folks like Bill Gates gets there once a year to think, Steve Jobs went for a hike before every big decision, and countless artists, writers and musicians head off the grid as part of their creative process.

How about having scheduling regular “Thinking Time” – a couple of hours, in a calming green space, to think, plan, work and stroll around with nothing but the birds and the wind for company.

And, if you’re in a creative rut (it happens to the best of us!) here are some tips to get your groove back–7CjHbkw9L3aSDQ&utm_content=260812601&utm_source=hs_email

Or, try one of these books to help you re-connect with the world around you–UnSG_IaSxa-Ujw7LqRtS88DinEOwrr-jIzwh6NUGDiI7F8FyZFA3dB8HRw-GvMHMg8V9fB7I9ztZwYMZseMmJGc-zGg&utm_content=260812601&utm_source=hs_email