Month: September 2022

The power of silence

Ah, September, time for my yearly ritual to escape for a few days on my own. To do some yoga, to explore a new place and, to be quiet.

Silence can be a very powerful antidote against today’s increasingly loud and busy world. Quiet moments throughout the day do not only ease our minds, but it also helps us to be in touch with ourselves and develop a stronger connection with others. Silence also serves as a bridge between feeling and response. By taking mindful pauses throughout our day, even just for a few minutes, we benefit from improved decision-making skills and enhanced mental clarity.

As silence is so much more than just the absence of noise, but about slowing down and quieting the inner chatter, here a few tips on how to carve valuable moments of silence in our everyday lives:


Notifications have become embedded in our everyday lives. While it’s impossible to ignore, it’s not impossible to escape. From completely disabling alerts and notifications to setting ‘do not disturb’ hours on our devices, we are ultimately in control of how much input we want to allow. it is equally important to remember that we don’t have to available 24/7 either. Not every mail or call needs to be answered immediately.


Make it a habit to enjoy a daily activity that does not involve a screen. From reading a book to enjoying a short series of restorative yoga poses, taking a break from the screen does not only help quiet a busy mind, but it also helps the body relax and release tension.


Are you having a hard time finding silence spontaneously? Carve moments of solitude by blocking it on your calendar. By making it a priority, it will become an indispensable part of your routine.


Creating space for gratitude does not only invite us to be more present, but it also brings the fullness of silence. From keeping a gratitude journal to expressing our appreciation to others, we can practice gratitude in many ways. If you are not doing it yet, you can start by thinking about three things you are grateful for each day.


Not everyone can keep still and sit quietly with their thoughts. If this sounds like you, put on your shoes and enjoy a stroll. Thanks to the repeated movement and the steady rhythm of your footfall, walking naturally allows your mind to go quiet. Not only is it good for clearing your thoughts, but it also is a good way to get your body moving too.


Spending time outdoors is a powerful way to cultivate stillness. From observing the vivid colors of the sunset to enjoying the cold winter breeze, spending time outdoors activates our senses in ways that we don’t experience indoors. It invites us to be fully and truly present.