Month: October 2017

Are you getting enough??!

This week there seems to have been a lot in the media about the importance of sleeping well. Which is so fabulous, as far as I’m concerned, as we often think of eating better, exercising better to improve our health and happiness, but actually, it seems that sleep has an even bigger impact on our overall health than what we eat or how we move.

I just heard about an amazing study, the ‘daylight savings time’ which is conducted twice a year on over 1.5 billion people across 70 countries, and shows a massive 24% increase in heart attacks due the the loss of just one hour’s sleep and in the autumn there’s a 21% decrease in heart attacks. That’s pretty incredible to me. Just one hour’s sleep results in such massive biological differences and such a marked affect upon our biology.

It’s so bizarre that sleep is the absolute corner-stone of good health but is often undercooked as a ‘nice to have’. And worse, sleepy-heads are called lazy and those who sleep less are applauded as being more productive, whereas it’s actually the other way round! Those who get their 8 hours are healthier, are able to lose weight easier, have better athletic performance, improved cognition skills, improved memory, are seen as more charismatic, more inspiring leaders, are more productive and happier!! 

Yoga has been proven to help those of us who struggle to switch off and ease our way towards a good night’s sleep. Restorative yoga is, in my book, yoga’s best kept secret and I love teaching this ‘Feel Good Friday’ class, now as a monthly workshop. Book with me now for October 27th and experience the benefit of yoga Nidra or yoga sleep. Sweet dreams assured!!

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If you’re in any doubt about the importance of sleep, have a read of this fascinating interview with Matthew Walker, author of ‘Why We Sleep’.